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Receive €1000,- start-up bonus!*

Sign up as a newspaper deliverer


*Bij jou in de buurt worden de ochtendkranten bezorgd door DPG Media. Je kunt je bij hen aanmelden op www.krantenbezorgen.nl.

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Earn fast

You earn a good amount in just a few hours a day

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Lots of free time

Because you start and finish early in the morning you can enjoy plenty of free time

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Work-life balance

You have plenty of time for other pursuits, whether that’s hobbies, sports, school or another job


From the age of 15 you can deliver one newspaper round per morning. Are you 18 years or older? Than it is possible to deliver multiple rounds per day. On top of your monthly earnings you also receive a temporary €1000,- start-up bonus over a period of 6 months. A great way to earn some extra money!


€230,- | Emmastraat, Koningsstraat & Luitgaardeweg

€250,- | De genestetlaan & Hyacintenlaan

€250,- | Bilderdijklaan & Da Costalaan

€250,- | Bodemansstraat & Heidestraat

€240,- | Rondom verzorgingstehuis de Egelantier

€220,- | Mondriaanstraat, Eikbosserweg & Eikenlaan

€210,- | Moerbeilaan, Kastanjelaan & Lijsterbeslaan

€250,- | Asterstraat, Goudenregenlaan & Primulastraat

€240,- | C. Evertsenstraat & Piet Heijnlaan

€200,- | Omgeving Kapittelweg

€220,- | Zwinlilaan & Kerkelandenlaan

€230,- | Omgeving Augustinushof & Cavijnhof

€360,- | Frans Fennishof & Buhrmannlaan

€370,- | Hollands End

This is a selection of the available districts; there may be more districts available in Hilversum


What does your delivery day look like?

As a Newspaper Deliverer, you pick up your newspapers in the morning from the depot located in your neighbourhood. Of course, you will receive your own pannier, on loan, ahead of your first delivery. You will also receive your ‘walking list’ at the depot. This contains the addresses of the subscribers in your delivery area where you will deliver several newspapers including De Telegraaf, Volkskrant and AD.From the depot, you simply hop back on your bike and deliver the news of the day to our subscribers!

Morning paper

You will deliver newspapers before 07:00 on weekdays and 08:00 on Saturdays in your own neighbourhood.


The qualities of a great Newspaper Deliverer!

  • You like to be moving around in the fresh air.
  • Above all, you like nice work that earns you a lot of extra money!
  • You get excited about delivering the latest news.
  • You are at least 15 years old.

We can offer you:

A temporary start-up bonus of €1000,-! Plus, as a Newspaper Deliverer, you will receive a complimentary rain suit and a free newspaper of your choice. Does the newspaper business seem right for you? Then there’s always opportunities for growth throughout your career.

Can’t wait to get started as a Newspaper Deliverer? Sign up!

What the deliverers say about their job

I started delivering newspapers because I love being outside. I feel free, early in the mornings when I have got the whole street to myself. I feel fit everyday and thats what makes newspaper delivery so great!
Bezorger 7
Gerard - 32 Years Deliverer
It's just nice work to do. Outside, fresh air, some exercise and nice earnings. Usually I just listen to music. I have bought a headset and now I am saving for a car!
Bezorger koptelefoon 6
Tijn - 17 years Deliverer
It's great exercise and you get the see the nature waking up. You stay fit and it's great to empty your mind. Elderly people tend to stay indoors more, but I love being outside.
Sipke - 62 years Deliverer
Its is great being outside. I feel like I've got the whole world to myself. I use the money to go out for dinners, holidays and I got my drivers license with it. It is a lovely start of the day.
Kautar - 25 years Deliverer
I deliver the newspapers together with my dog. We both get our exercise. I find it important to be there for my family and this way I work in the morning and I am home in time to have breakfast with my children.
Anja - Deliverer
Since I started the newspaper route, I've lost thirty kilograms. I feel much fitter, much more energetic. It has really brought me a lot!
Header image Betty 2545x1440
Betty - 53 years old Deliverer
The benefit of delivering newspapers, in my opinion: no hassle, no nagging, just enjoying your own company. Yes, that's what I like.
Header image Erik 2545x1440
Erik - 47 years old Deliverer
I was in a depressive mood, so delivering newspapers gave me structure. I had to get up at 6 am to ensure the newspaper was in the mailbox by 7 am. And that helped me tremendously.
Henriette Bumper 03 1920x1080 00 00 02 11 Still001
Henriëtte - 77 years old Deliverer